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KAKU-pipe - outer diameter 0 standard

Outer surface: hairline finish SUS304 / Total length 200L-1000L / 5 size
dimension Part No.
side x
200L 300L 350L 550L 1000L
□06×0.8 0~
SS06 200K SS06 300K SS06 350K SS06 550K SS06 1000K
□08×0.8 SS08 SS08 SS08 SS08 SS08
□09×0.8 SS09 SS09 SS09 SS09 SS09
□10×1.0 SS10 SS10 SS10 SS10 SS10
□12×1.0 SS12 SS12 SS12 SS12 SS12
□13×1.0 SS13 SS13 SS13 SS13 SS13
□15×1.0 SS15 SS15 SS15 SS15 SS15
□16×1.0 SS16 SS16 SS16 SS16 SS16
□19×1.2 0~
SS19 SS19 SS19 SS19 SS19
□20×1.2 SS20 SS20 SS20 SS20 SS20
□25×1.2 0~
>SS25 SS25 SS25 SS25 SS25
※You may download 3D CAD drawings by clicking on the part number of interest.