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To precision equipment that are indispensable for delivering better living environment and better life.
Universal joints and other related products that are used for various industrial machineries and precision instrument
MIYOSHI's technological capability will fulfill your various needs.

Product development -Form customer voices into a shape-
Product development by Miyoshi Kikai starts by listening to our customers directly. Information collected from our customers will be turned into a product based on the internal product development process and by using our unique techniques and know-hows that we have accumulated over years.
Sales network -v-

Endorsed by the reliable quality, Miyoshi brand is delivering products that will not only satisfy domestic customers but also overseas customers as basing in distribution trading companies across the nation.

capability -Technological capabilities that generates high values-

Basing on the number of experiences that we have accumulated since our establishment and as an expert of universal joints, we challenge advanced techniques such as development and commercialization of minuscule joints. 

Production system -Flexible response capability-
The process of receiving orders to finishing production is managed smoothly with internally-developed management system; we are handling production of 380 types and 3500 items of products, including universal joints, related products and PIJON.
In addition we have established a supplying system to provide for customized products based on the request from our customers and to meet the short delivery due date.
People development -An engine for Miyoshi Kikai-
Miyoshi Kikai considers our personnel = assets, and put our effort proactively on educating our personnel who will become successful as a leader in the future. As a part of our effort, we have established an advanced vocational training school approved by Hyogo prefecture, with the purpose of making a place to study available for our personnel to learn basic knowledge and techniques, of providing educations for each department/layers of personnel and of improving their skills.