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Standard Type Universal Joint
Single Type・Dual Type Joint
Complying with JIS & Original Type
The standard joint which is used in industrial equipment. Inner diameter 3~60mm
Join Slide
Conduction axis for devices
Two types of a spline axis and the hexagon axis with an expansion and contraction function Hexagon Opposite sides 6.7~31.6mm Spline Nominal diameter 5~30
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Quick Delivery Joint Series with Shaft
For remote attachment
It is strong to vibration at an elastic function,
and work is easy Internal diameter
Joint with Hexagon Shat Type GX
Intermediate shaft can be cut at any position.
Larger expansion and contraction range allows
more installation flexibility.
Inner diameter 5~30mm
Joint with Spline Shaft  Type P and Type SP
Revolution and sliding can be transmitted simultaneously. Inner diameter 6~60mm
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CAD data
NXO Slide
Multipurpose slide axis
Turn, the expansion and contraction,
hexagon axis corresponding to sliding
Both a sleeve and a shaft can be
cut at any position.
Opposite sides 6.7~31.6mm
Shaft Holder The legit type which
connects an axis with a straight
line 2 types of Duralumin and steel.
Products with different size holes
and a key way are standardized.
Both forward-reverse rotation and
push-pull movement are possible.
Inner diameter 3~30mm
Miyoshi Block
To insert bearing holder bearing,
Bush and to a bearing
Gap tightening…Easy to fix a
bearing or a shaft Force fit…
Fixing requiring precision
Fit for bearing outer diameter 
Inner diameter 3~35mm

Micro Joint
Minimum joint…to the micro world
Revolution, 2 types of SUS304・SUS316
Vibration type   2 kinds of titanium   Inner diameter 0.8~1.8mm

Miniature joint
Industrial joint of world’s smallest class
3 kinds of Steel・SUS304・SUS316 3 kinds
inner diameter 1.0~5.5㎜
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For security
Protection against dust and
for oil impregnation putt maintenance.
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It is a joint system part for multi-purpose, which assembles with various shapes of pipes and round hole clamp.
Φ3-35 15size

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It is an assembly of Square holes with high tolerance for vibrations and round holes with flexible movements.
□/Φ6-25 11size

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Stainless-steel PIJON

It is applicable for your field of use: SUS303 / SUS 304
Φ8-20 8size
□10-20 6size

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MARU / KAKU -Pipe shaft

It is an original pipe shaft standardized with SUS304 Scaled type is also available for positioning.
Φ6-35 17size
□6-25 11size

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Variable Function Series

3D - Bracket
It is flexibly applicable from focusing to variable operation of device.
Robot dimension
Turn stage, swing type, parallel biaxial variable type are available.
F dimension - Free Angle Adjuster -
It enables to attach devices with flexible direction and angle.

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Sensor Bracket

A sensor can readily be attached.
4 different types of brackets are available for different usages.