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What is PIJON?

To Shape your ideas freely and quickly
――For improving and streamlining your work――
  • PIJON is duralumin made (A2017) and the bore is H8 finish. In addition to lightweight and strength, PIJON surface is alumited, which enforces the rust prevention and resistance.
  • Round-PIJON has slit structure. You can assemble without damaging pipes, just by tightening the slit with hexagon wrench.
  • A slit utilizes the elasticity of duralumin material so that pipes can be removable and replaceable repeatedly. Easily revamp or disassemble.
  • For flame rack assembly of various equipment/device such as prototype/ experimental or demonstrational one.
  • For an attachment arm of functional / measuring device, lighting or sensor.
  • For enlarging the equipment design with combination of PIJON and aluminum flame.
  • For any display or monument with various combinations of 2550 items.