Complying with JIS & Original Type
      The standard joint which is used in industrial equipment.


    • PIJON

      It is a joint system part for multi-purpose.

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for fixingsensor bracket as well as BC860
Part No. Color ballφ φD2 F C P 2-φJ 2-M
BC08- 866 W/B φ8 φ18 15 3 12 φ3.2 M3
BC09- φ9 16
BC10- φ10 17
※You may download 3D CAD drawings by clicking on the part number of interest.
How to assemble
Steel plate, steel screw and spring are enclosed, if you purchase Joint-base.
This will not be recovered if the slit part is expanded too much. Please make sure on your work.
  • First of all, remove cap screw on slit side
  • Screw the set screw from the opposite side. Please make sure the top of screw is not appeared within slit.
  • As indicated on the above figure,insert and position steel plate(less than 0.9mm) and tighten lightly the cap screw with your other hand.
  • Drop the attached spring into the center of the hole.
  • Tighten the aforesaid cap screw by hexagon wrench so that slit part is opening. Push into joint-ball suitably orif not going through, tighten the cap screw a little and push again and repeatedly.
  • If joint-ball is inserted, loosen the cap screw and remove the steel plate.
  • Check if joint-ball can move smoothly and remove the cap screw afterward.
  • Screw the cap screw (1.) into the original position (the opposite side) and finish.
We can assemble on behalf of you, if required