Lubrication Method for Universal Joint

Make sure that lubrication is essential for universal joint operation. Generally the most appropriate and safest way is to equip a joint boot with oil pack in it. Ensure lubrication especially in its early period of operation to prevent initial seizure.

Natural Lubrication

Lubrication Method Remarks
Dropping or applying oil Periodically or at a timing when it is needed
Joint boot Grease or oil enclosed
Recommended brand
Tellus (Shell))
FBK oil (Nippon Oil Corporation)
Mechanic oil (Idemitsu)
Oil pack ●Molybdenum disulfide oil (prepared by Miyoshikikai)
●Oil pad
●Joint boot Lubrication with above products is prepared.

Forced-feed Lubrication

Lubrication Method Remarks
Oil mist spray method  
Oil bath method
Grease filling
Guideline is; once a month for over 500/min application and once every other month for under 500/min application.
Increase filling times of grease for applications at large torque fluctuation, frequent forward-reverse rotational change, or continuous operation.
Recommended brand
Alvania EP, R, 0, 1, 2 (Shell)
EPNOC AP0,1,2 (Nippon Oil Corporation)
or equivalent

High Speed Revolution

High speed revolution might become a possible cause to shorten the joint life. If the circumferential velocity of joint outer diameter is more than 0.15m/s, apply forced-feed lubrication or the one with oil pack