Complying with JIS & Original Type
      The standard joint which is used in industrial equipment.


    • PIJON

      It is a joint system part for multi-purpose.

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Vertical hole for aluminum flame
to fix by screw on aluminum flame
□B E C W K G 2-φP Cap screw
SQ12-612 □12 24 30 70 8 60 φ5.5 2-M4
SQ16-612 □16 32 40 85 10 73 φ6.5 2-M5
SQ20-612 □20 40 40 100 10 85 φ8.5 2-M5
※You may download 3D CAD drawings by clicking on the part number of interest.
Guide dwell following the flute width is available
Two screw holes are tapped in the back of holder plate
Aluminum plate /
Dwell diameter
φ6.2 φ6.3 φ8.0 φ8.3 φ10.0
* If guide dowel is needed, please provide the dowel diameter when placing an order. Otherwise, the guide dwell will not be enclosed.